Registration for ICASS

IASSA will use grant to cover ICASS registration fees. Registration is still required, but no fee will be charged.

REGISTRATION WILL BE CLOSED AFTER MAY 16. Unregistered speakers will NOT be able to participate in ICASS X.


  1. Have an abstract accepted to be a part of ICASS X.
  2. Complete registration at the ICASS X website by May 16, 2021. When registering, please select all required options and fill all required fields, including "Other information (this is needed to make correct charges to the grant).

More information

IASSA MEMBERSHIP - not required for participation in ICASS X,
but required to vote in the General Assembly elections, if you wish to.
IASSA membership is separate from registration fees and is not covered by this funding.
Only IASSA members can vote in the General Assembly elections (for President, Council,
place of ICASS XI, and bylaws) and fully participate in IASSA activities in 2021-2024.

To become an IASSA member or to renew your membership
Pay at IASSA

As an ICASS X participant you are eligible to receive an IASSA lapel pin (no extra cost). Please fill your mailing address.

Other Information

Are you an active IASSA member?

You need to be an active member on June 15, 2021 to be eligible to vote in IASSA General Assembly elections (June 15-19, 2021). If you started or renewed your membership on or before June 15, 2018, you are not an active IASSA member. Please renew your membership before proceeding further. You will need your Invoice Number that will be included in the confirmation email you will receive upon paying the appropriate membership fee.

Contact Ann Crawford and Elena Golosova if you can't find your invoice number.