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The Arctic is home to approximately four million people, counting numerous ethnicities among its inhabitants. More than ten percent of the total population living in the Arctic is Indigenous peoples.

ICASS X will focus on all aspects of human existence in the Arctic in the past, present and future: social, cultural, historical, economic, political, linguistic, educational, archaeological, engineering, health, legal, psychological, to name a few. The Congress will also emphasize history, future and sustainability of Arctic peoples and environments throughout generations and co-production of knowledge with Indigenous knowledge holders and Arctic stakeholders.

Social sciences and humanities have a great responsibility to address these challenges. Through focusing on people and place we highlight the many variances across the Arctic region in terms of sustainabilities, political systems, demography, infrastructures, histories, languages, legal systems, land and water resources, public health and so on.

The ARCTICenter at the University of Northern Iowa (USA) and Northern Arctic Federal University (Russia) are pleased to host the 10th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS X) organized by the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA). We encourage Indigenous peoples, northern residents, decision-makers, politicians as well as academics to participate.

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